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A Leader with Vision

Effective leaders do not view their positions as just a job or something that happens to them. They believe in what they are doing and do their best to provide the leadership, guidance and support that is necessary for their teams to succeed. They are the people who inspire their employees to do their best work and make the organization a place where they want to be.

1. Trustworthiness

Good leaders are trustworthy, and they will not violate the trust that is given to them by either their direct reports or those higher up in the organizational ladder. This trustworthiness allows them to build relationships with their team and receive feedback that will contribute to their growth and the growth of the organization as a whole.

2. A Leader with Vision

An effective leader has a clear idea of where they are going and how to get there. This allows them to guide their team in a direction that aligns with the goals of the company and provides them with the motivation to continue working toward those goals.

3. A Leader that is Honest and Transparent

Another important aspect of being an effective leader Scot French is the ability to maintain open and honest communication with those you lead. By making this a priority, you will be able to build trust within your team and improve their overall morale.

4. A Focus on Strengths

Effective leaders recognize and embrace their team members’ strengths and use them to achieve the company’s goals. This can result in higher employee engagement and well-being, and often results in higher profitability for the organization as a whole.

5. A Leader that understands and Embraces Change

Leadership means being adaptable and nimble when necessary. This can involve dealing with a variety of obstacles and unexpected situations that arise along the way. By being able to meet these challenges head on, a leader can inspire their team to do the same and encourage them to think creatively when solving problems.

6. A Leader that Understands and Embraces Diversity

Effective leaders come in all different shapes and sizes, and are able to fit into a variety of organizations and environments. From retired general Colin Powell to wellness advocate Arianna Huffington, there are a wide range of individuals who have been successful as leaders because they know and appreciate their strengths, while acknowledging and managing their weaknesses.