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How to Use Digital Marketing to Boost Your Builders Advertisement

Whether your company is building luxury new homes or providing ancillary services to the construction industry, there’s no doubt that you have a lot of competition. That’s why it is so important to have a solid online presence and use digital marketing to your advantage. Many builders underestimate or even ignore this opportunity and it is a huge mistake to do so.

The really successful builders, the ones who scale their business to $10 million a year and beyond, spend three percent of their annual revenue on advertising. And that’s not just a cost, it’s an investment. They understand that the more they invest in marketing, the higher their margins are – not just gross margins but net as well.

Digital marketing allows you to reach potential customers builders advertisement at every stage of the home buying journey. Whether they’re already looking for information about different home types, or simply searching on Zillow or Neighborhood Housing Services, having a strong presence on these platforms will allow your brand to stay top-of-mind.

Using Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to do this. It’s not only a cost-effective way to generate quality leads but also allows you to dynamically personalize creative for each individual prospect, ensuring that your message is seen by the right people.

In fact, it is more important than ever for builders to have a clear and concise message that can be delivered at multiple stages of the home buying journey. The right content can make the difference between a qualified lead and someone who goes elsewhere.

For example, you can target people who are interested in a specific home type or upgrade package with an interactive ad that allows them to virtually walk through the home and select features. This kind of ad is extremely powerful because it gives the prospect an idea of what the finished product will look like before they ever come in for a sales consultation.

Another way to connect with prospects is to use a carousel ad. This type of ad acts as a catalogue, with each carousel card linking to different downloadable resources on your website. This could be a floor plan, a brochure outlining different home options or even a virtual tour of your display homes.

In order to create these types of ads, you need an ad builder that will allow you to easily import your creative files into the platform. This will ensure that the design is kept intact, which is especially important if you’re creating a multi-part campaign. The best ad builder for builders will be able to do this automatically, saving you time and accelerating the ad production process. The platform should also have real-time analytics that will let you know how well your ads are performing, allowing you to improve them over time. This will ultimately make your ad campaigns more effective and help you achieve your marketing goals.