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Train From Salt Lake City to Denver

If you’re looking for a train from Salt Lake City to Denver, there are several options available. These include the Amtrak California Zephyr, the Rocky Mountaineer, SilverLeaf Service, and the Union Pacific Railroad’s Central Corridor. However, if you’re looking for a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to get to Denver, you may want to look into taking a plane instead. These direct flights take less than an hour and cost around 50 USD.

Amtrak California Zephyr

The Amtrak California Zephyr train is the only direct train route train from salt lake city to denver from Salt Lake City to Denver. The ride takes about 15 hours and costs $66. The only drawback is that the train has limited availability, so you have to plan ahead and make sure that you can make the train.

Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer train from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Denver, Colorado is an unforgettable train journey. The train boasts luxury amenities and features that rival Viking River cruises. Its top-rated GoldLeaf class boasts double-decker cars and gourmet kitchens. There’s one small caveat: the tunnel was too short for the taller cars.

SilverLeaf Service

The SilverLeaf Service trains from Salt Lake to Denver offer comfortable and luxurious rail travel. The trains travel at an average of 30 mph and are equipped with deluxe amenities. Dining cars feature upscale food and beverage service. Guests can enjoy three meals a day. Additionally, SilverLeaf Plus offers access to the newly renovated lounge car, which features a mixologist. The train also has an outdoor viewing platform.

Union Pacific Railroad’s Central Corridor

The Central Corridor is a railroad line run by the Union Pacific Railroad from Winnemucca, Nevada to Denver, Colorado. It was formed after a merger between the railroad and the Southern Pacific Transportation Company. Although not originally built by the Union Pacific, the Central Corridor was constructed to compete with the Union Pacific Overland Route. The route is notable for its numerous tunnels, including the Moffat Tunnel, which is the longest and tallest.


Taking a bus from Salt Lake City to Denver is a convenient way to travel between the two cities. Greyhound offers a daily bus service between the two cities. These trips are typically cheap and feature sightseeing and dining opportunities in the cities you stop at along the way.


If you’re looking to take a short train trip from Salt Lake City to Denver, you’ve come to the right place. The Amtrak California Zephyr offers a quick way to travel between the two cities. This rail service runs only one train per day, so you’ll have to plan your travels around it. If you prefer to travel by car, you’ll find a few options in the Denver area.