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What to Expect From Your Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons are a very important step in your journey to becoming a driver. It is a time where you will learn the basics of operating a car, including how to properly set up your seat and mirrors to help ensure you are comfortable during your lessons. You will also gain a greater understanding of the road rules and what it means to be a safe driver on our roads.

If you have never had a professional in-car lesson before, it is a good idea to take some extra practice lessons at home with a parent or another trusted adult. Having a few practice lessons ahead of time can alleviate some of the nerves that many people feel during their first lesson with an instructor and help them prepare for what is to come.

During your first lesson, your instructor will go over the dashboard Driving Lessons Gillingham and car controls with you to give you a better understanding of what each control does. They will also spend some time adjusting the driver’s seat so you are in a position where you can access all of the controls easily and see the car’s immediate surroundings clearly.

After this initial introduction, they will take you out on the quiet streets to get a feel for the vehicle and how it drives. You will most likely start out slow – you won’t be doing 50mph on a dual carriageway on your very first lesson! The instructor will take you around the local area, perhaps a residential neighborhood or industrial park.

You will be encouraged to ask questions during your lessons and you should always feel comfortable if you don’t understand something. Your instructor is highly trained and will be able to help you resolve any problems that arise.

The next phase of your driving lesson will be moving on to freeway driving. This is one of the most difficult aspects of learning to drive and you will need a great deal of patience and perseverance to be able to master it. The good news is that most people who have trouble with freeway driving are able to overcome this challenge with enough training and practice.

Driving on the freeway is a big responsibility and you should always remember to be courteous and patient with other drivers. It is very important to follow the speed limit and keep a close eye on your lane markings. It is also a good idea to keep your mobile phone turned off during freeway driving, as it can distract you and cause accidents.

It is recommended that you spend some time between your driving lessons practicing at home or in a quiet parking lot. This will help you to retain the skills you have learned and build on your confidence behind the wheel. You can also practice with a friend or family member, who is a licensed driver, and have them provide feedback to you on your performance. Depending on your state, you may be able to have this recorded in your log book as supervised driving experience to assist in building up your driver’s record.

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